Sunday, February 27, 2011


Funny things Mick has said lately:

Mick: I want a second helping of noodles.
Me: No or you won't eat your dinner tonight.
Mick: I bust my butt in 3rd grade all day and all I want is a 2nd helping!

Poor Mick, that 3rd grade is rough stuff.

When getting into the car, he turned on the seat heater and said, " Butter me up cause I like my buns toasted."

Me: Mick, we are having ribs for dinner tonight.
Mick: Mom, you say the sweetest things.

He never fails to give me a daily hearty laugh. I love that quirky kid.

Fast February

This month has flown by. I really have no idea where it went so fast. We were busy with some fun stuff.
Kade is one year old next week. I always feel like that first year is the hardest on the mom. I have made it with no major mishaps. I have bought my last can of formula. He is on a nap schedule. He can play with his siblings well and be entertained for a whole 5 minutes at a time. Life is good with little Kader. These are some pics of him walking around the house with his little car/walker toy. He is doing that and walking around the furniture but has yet to try it on his own. He can however go up the stairs by himself now and understands that he can't come down them again face first. He always crawls up there and goes straight to Tori's room. He knows that is the messiest room therefore there is always something to do in there.

Next up-It was Adam's 32nd birthday. It was a relaxing day for him, I think. It was on Saturday Feb. 12th. He went for 14 mile run, watched Mick's basketball game, then later, Jarod, Jamie, and Lilli came to visit.

I made him a Tres Leches cake. Soo good. Tori picked out the candles and we put them on the cake as a 23 just to make Adam feel good.

Adam told me he wanted to run the Antelope Island Buffalo 50 mile run in March and so for his birthday he wanted me to pay for his entry fees and let him spend a lot of time training for it this next month. So that's what he received from me. The kids got him propane tanks and hand warmers. :)

Then we had a spectacular Valentine's Day. We decorated the kids' doors before they woke up, then opened little presents, then had breakfast. Off to school parties, then later that night, I did a fancy dinner here at the house. I told the kids to dress up because we were going out to a nice place that had a dress code. I was worried that Mick would throw a fit about that, but he was so excited to dress up and go out. Then I worried he would be disappointed when it turned out to just be home.
I did the whole works: menus, fancy desserts, candles, sparkling cider, etc.
The kids loved it! I was the waitress and they enjoyed acting like they were adults out on the town. I forgot to take pictures of any of it and I have been sad about that. Hopefully, memories of it will last for a while though.
I am guessing Adam was teasing Tori about something in this picture. Her little gift from us included a Zhu-Zhu pet and clothes for it, candy, and earrings.
Mick and I love LOVE to watch the Monster Truck Jams together. He has been collecting the trucks so he got a few more to add to his collection and lots of chocolate.Kade got some bubbles (they make them in a spill proof container now-Yay) and a book.

This is pictures of their heart pancake, eggs, and strawberries breakfast that morning. Kade is finally starting to eat a little solid food. Not much though. Maybe I will be packing a baby bottle in his lunchbox when he starts first grade at this rate?
This morning, Adam grabbed the camera when the boys gave us one of those Kodak moments.

Just checking what is going on outside in the world together.

I love babies in their sleeper PJs and their fuzzy bedheads. I just want to kiss him to pieces.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Toothless Tori

Tori lost her first tooth in January. She was sleeping and woke up and out it came in her bed. She forgot to put it under her pillow that night and was worried the Toothfairy came and wouldn't come back the next night. We assured her that the Toothfairy probably comes to our neighborhood every night since there is so many kids and would probably stop by again the next night , which I am glad to say that she did!