Friday, April 30, 2010

Two Month Olds!

Kade had his two month check-up this week. He checked up just fine.
Here are some stats:

11 lbs. 7 oz. (gaining almost 5 lbs in his first two months!)

Sleep habits:
Sleeping through the night in 8-10 hour blocks (woohoo!)

Favorite Foods:
Milk, Milk, and then milk for dessert

Darth Kader
T.T. (short for Thunder Thighs)

Favorite pastimes:
Eat some more
Sleep some more

Favorite person:
Mom (of course!)


Adam was told to remove some debris out of a foreclosed home a while ago and in with the stuff was a kayak. Finally, last weekend it was warm enough for him to try it out. He took it out on a little man made lake here in Spanish Fork. The kids both rode with him and then learned how to do it themselves. Mick really got the hang of it fast.

Kade spent the time talking to his little duck friend hanging from his car seat.

Are you wondering why I titled this post Kakooing? Tori kept asking when we were going kakooing. I think she had canoeing and kayaking crossed, but it was cute and it has stuck as the new name for this activity.

Kade's First Photo Shoot

My good friend and awesome photographer, Evelyn Nelson, over at Freckles Photography took these of Kade when he was 5 days old. I think they turned out precious. I hope the grandmas especially enjoy these.

To see more of Evelyn's work, check out You won't be disappointed!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Looking Back

I feel like I don't have a lot of interesting things going on lately so I have been posting old pictures of old events. These pictures are of a ward activity we had when we lived in Hurricane. It was the best ward party ever. We boated on Quail Lake and had a bbq. I remember that being a perfect night and I wished that it would last forever. It was a week before we moved up to Northern Utah and our ward did it as a kind of good-bye party for us. It was bittersweet. We were so excited to move on and start over up here, but it was so hard to let all of our life down there go as well.
I don't know what it is about Southern Utah evenings but they are almost magical. The sunsets are always so amazing and the heat is a little more bearable and it would always seem to wrap around me like an old comfy blanket.

This was our friend Stan. He was manning the ice cream truck. Yum!

This is my baby but in the arms of my best friend in St. George, Laurie Laws. She and I had baby girls within 2 weeks of each other. It was fun to be pregnant together especially since there was only about 4 couples in the whole ward who were under 40 years old.

Victoria on the innertube. I never could tell if she liked that or not. She is about 7 months old.

Adam and Jamie on the boat.

My baby girl

Adam and Mick and Mick's little friend ( I can't remember her name now) riding the innertube.

Mick playing around on the shore.

Life was and IS good!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bald is Beautiful

Looks like I was destined to only have bald babies:




Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane

This was our first house we bought in the St. George area. It was actually in Hurricane. It was a tiny little thing, but it was brand new construction and we were so excited. We ended up only living there for about 3 months and decided it was way too little. We bought a bigger house one street over. Oh good times! Life was so easy and simple back then.
Adam and I both miss living in Southern Utah so much. We always say we would move back in a second if we could only pack up our friends from here and take them with us. Maybe someday.....

Flying Away

Adam's dad is a pilot and owns a plane. He flew out to Jarod and Jamie's for Easter and since the kids had Spring Break from school this week, he was able to take them back to their house for a couple days. The kids were so very excited to fly in the airplane, as you can tell from their faces. Poor Tori gets motion sickness so she had a dramamine before they left and ended up sleeping most of the flight, though. It turned a 3.5 hour car drive into a short 45 minute plane ride for them. I know Mick was appreciative of that fact. He hates to sit in the car.

Easter Sunday Afternoon

Jarod and Jamie hosted the Easter dinner and egg hunt this year. It was a blast. The food was delicious and I am so glad my kids got to do this with their cousins like I did when I was little. Some of my favorite childhood memories are Easter picnics and egg hunts spent with my niece and nephews (who were my age so they were more like cousins.)

Victoria and Lilli at the park. Being the only two little girls in the family means they gotta stick together.

All the grandkids together. It's a huge feat to get a picture of all of them at the same time.

Let the wild animals out the door to find the eggs already!

Hunting, hunting, hunting...

I just liked this picture of this super pretty girl I saw there!
I stole these pictures from Jamie, btw. Hers always turn out way better than my own.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Resolution

Kade slept 6 hours straight last night. woohoo! But I am guessing it was just an accident on his part and I am trying not to get too excited that it might continue. I was up at 4am with him anyway, so after I put him back to sleep I headed to the gym and I made it 8 miles today with only walking about a 1/2 mile of that. I think all total it was about 11 minute miles, which is slow, but that is ok. I am still happy with it. I got back home about 6:30am and went back to bed until 8am when Kade woke up again.
I have always been good about excersising a lot, but my eating habits leave lots to be desired. I am starting today to try to eat healthier. I have two goals for this week: to get in the habit of eating a healthy breakfast every morning and start a food journal of what I eat. When I get that down, I am going to move on to lunch, then snacks, etc. I feel completely wiped out by afternoon and I know that my eating has a lot to do with it. So now I have to find healthy choices for breakfast. They have to be healthy, quick, and taste fabulous. That shouldn't be too hard to find, right?