Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pictures of the flood

So we have made it 3 days now. It really has been the longest days I have had in years. I didn't go to my mom's because I wanted to be around here to pick out the new flooring (couldn't bring myself to let Adam pick it out on his own), so we have been trying to live here. Well, not live, just exist at this point. Good news: I get new bathroom floors, which I wanted anyway after I had left scrubbing bubbles on them and stained them yellow a couple months ago. I also get new carpet, which we needed because ours was nasty cheap stuff. Bad news: We will be paying for a lot of the carpet ourselves. And I will be doing A LOT of deep cleaning for weeks to get things bearable again.

The worst of it all for me, is that everything is covered in a lot of drywall dust. It's in our food, tubs, blinds, bedding, shoes, clothes, ears, nose, eyes; well you get the picture. And it's pointless to clean it because the fans keep blowing more around.

So we have been doing a lot of bed jumping since this is the only functioning room. Thank heavens that little kids are so adjustable. They have been so good through all of this. I feel bad for Tori because all the dust has aggravated her eczema and she is covered in a rash, but other than that, they have been little troopers about all the chaos.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So we woke up Monday morning with an inch of water in our downstairs. Our water softner drain line froze and when it recycled itself, all that water had to go somewhere. Come to find out that Fieldstone should have had the drain go into the sewer, where it wouldn't have frozen, but being Fieldstone, they have the drain running out the back of our house into the cold air. We called a flood restoration company and they set right away to tearing up our house. We now have no bathroom floors, no carpet in most of the house, doors torn off and sitting everywhere, holes in my kitchen and bathroom cabinets, holes in our drywall, and about 10 industrial size fans throughout the house making it feel & sound like we live in a hurricane. Our insurance adjuster said that this is the most damages he has seen in a couple of years. The only room of our house that we can live in right now is our guest room, so last night was a fun night with all of us sharing that little room. I think me and the kids will be living with my mom for awhile. This will go on for about 2 more weeks. I will post pictures of the damage when I can find the camera in all this mess. Moral of this story: If Fieldstone did the water softner line for your house, get it fixed ASAP!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Christmas 2008

This is a look at our Christmas this year. I was totally suprised by a piano from Adam and hope to start lessons next week. Wish me luck! It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.
We got a Wii this year and have had too much fun with it. Here is a few pics of the kids enjoying their day.

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