Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another First....Playing in the Snow

He wasn't sure what to think about the white stuff. And he really disliked his snow suit. He couldn't move at all in it. He just sat there like a big blue lump. He reminded me of the little brother on A Christmas Story. Lol.

He's got such big beautiful blue eyes. I love them!

Victoria's 6th Birthday Party

We had a Snowman themed birthday party for Tori on Dec. 10th. I threw it together on the spur of the moment. I hadn't planned to do one. December's too busy, I have so much to do, she had one last year, yada yada yada, but then I realized all she really wanted for her birthday was to be the Star for a day. So, I came up with this little party. Since she thought I wasn't going to do one this year, I decided to make it a suprise party. No one told her and she was suprised. It was fun keeping it a secret. I think she had a good time. I know I did and am not sorry that I took the time out of my "busy" schedule to do it.
Here are some pics. They are horribly out of order but I am feeling too lazy to fix them, but you get the general idea.
Here she comes through the front door for her when we all yelled, "Surprise!" The little girls were so excited to hide behind the couch and yell.

Making "Gingerbread" Houses

One afternoon this month, the kids made Gingerbread houses from the craft foam kit things. They spent 2 hours working on them. It made for a great way to spend a snowy cold afternoon. I liked making them this way. Lots less mess and they actually looked good when they were done.

My Stylish Babe

Thanksgiving 2010

We spent Thanksgiving in my favorite place in the world-St. George. Rhett and Natalie were our hosts and they did so awesome. It was the best Thanksgiving. It was also Kade's very First Thanksgiving. He didn't eat anything but milk. He missed out.
We had so many activities:
-We ran our very own Hall Family Turkey Trot of 4 miles that morning, then the kids had a Hall Family Gobble Wobble after. Everyone won a medal and the kids were so proud. My kids have theirs proudly displayed by their dad's race medals on the fridge now.
-We had a delicious meal where we got to share the things we are most thankful for.
-The kids had a ball playing in Uncle Rhett's hammock; that is until they broke it :( Sorry, Rhett.
-Adam, Jarod, and I got to go on a long long run on Friday and it was so much fun. I actually lost weight over Thanksgiving from the running. I like that so much better than coming home feeling guilty and having to make up for it for a month.
-We did some Black Friday shopping but at a reasonable time.
-Kade and I didn't go because of the cold, but the rest of the group went to see the live Nativity play at Tuacahn.
I had so much fun. I hope we can visit there a lot after the holidays. Gotta love that sunshine!
Kade playing in the leaves

Tori and Mick Thanksgiving morning at our hotel

Me getting ready for our Turkey Trot

The kids playing in the hammock

Kade and I enjoying some sun on our faces. Look at the beautiful red mountain behind us!

Kade loves to be outside.

Adam and Kade

The kids lined up to do their Gobble Wobble.
Miss Natalie ready to run...

I am most thankful for this guy.............................