Sunday, November 21, 2010

Surgery Day

Victoria had to go under the knife last Thursday. She had an eye condition called Strambismus (sp?). It means her eye muscles were not keeping her eyes aligned right. She was going cross-eyed when focusing on things up close and eventually she would have double vision. They put her to sleep, cut the eye muscles and sutured them back to where they should be. Mick had to have this same operation when he was 5 so we knew what to expect but it still is never easy having your child under anesthesia. It was a worry, but she is home now and fine. The eyes are working properly and she won't have to have glasses anymore.

These are pictures in the pre-op room. She didn't really know what was happening and was not very worried and having a good time with all the attention. They gave her this t-shirt to wear for the surgery and she thought that was pretty awesome. Then they told her her hair was too long and would be in the way and she needed to wear this cap. She was mad and having nothing to do with wearing the ugly thing. In the end, they let me braid it in one long braid down the back and she was much happier.

Here is evidence of why she needed this surgery. No more cross eyes for her now though!

I didn't take any after photos because she came into recovery panicked, scared, and in pain so I didn't need visual reminders. It was awful for her. It scares the little ones so bad to come out of the disorentation of anesthesia. She screamed and cried for a good solid hour. She wouldn't open her eyes for 24 hours. Eventually she asked if we could go get Kade because she wanted to see "her baby" and she opened them to see him. I am glad she loves him so much and it gave her the confidence to try.

Now the pain is gone, but the whites of her eyes are blood red and she is so embarrassed. She keeps saying, " I look horrid, just horrid." I keep telling her it will go away in a week or two, but I know that must seem like forever to a 5 year old.

She is a joy to have in our home. I am sorry she had to go through this, but it was fun getting to baby her and she was so sweet and kind through all of it even though she felt so miserable. I love her so much!

PS. This is Adam now.

Julie forgot to mention that Tori is TUFF!!!. When she was coming out of the anestesia, she was was flailing around so much Julie could not hold her. I was trying to hold her on my lap and she beat me up pretty good. She would stretch out and then jerk her knees up. The first couple of times I wasn't ready for it and she made me see stars. She knocked my glasses off and banged my watch pretty bad. It was impressive how strong her legs are. I had a whole new respect for what her gymnastics has done for her.

Her eyes have been hurting and so she wears her pink sunglasses all the time. She is so cute in them. The other day she was was upset because her eyes were swollen and "she had fat eyes like a buffalo." You learn something new everyday. I had no idea buffalo had fat eyes.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Visit From Mom

We were lucky to get a visit from my mom this last weekend. She had dr. appointments to come to Utah County for and stayed with us for a few days. This is the good news.
The bad news is that after a lot of dr. visits and tests it's determined that she is in kidney failure. Her kidneys are only functioning at 21% of what they should be. What does this mean?
Well, I don't know. She says she feels good and the kidney specialist was suprised by this. He said she will eventually need dialysis several times a week. He said she could be fine for a few years or it could be months. To be with her and talk with her, it's hard for me to accept this. She seems healthier than she has since my dad died. This is stirring up all kinds of emotions similiar to when my dad became ill with liver failure. They said we had 5 years with him and it ended up being only 1. And until the day he died, I thought maybe it was all a mistake and he would get better.
I think it's human nature to hope for the best. I asked her if she was scared and she said that no she isn't. She feels good and will just keep going on like nothing is wrong until she can't and if it is her time to go she is ok with that too because she can't wait to be with my dad again. So I will keep hoping for the best. Miracles do happen. She may get better or stay feeling good for a long time. She may not either. I know her Heavenly Father has a plan for her and whatever he decides will be the best. I will just pray hard to Him and hope.

I love FREE things!

Adam accquired almost everything in this room through his work. I took what else was previously in this room and moved it downstairs. Then I bought the throw pillows and the some of the stuff on the table and now I have a whole new room.
This is good because I am slightly addicted to decorating so doing it for free makes it an addiction I don't have to break anytime soon. Love it!

My Running Buddies

Lately Adam and I have been able to go running together once we get the big kids off to school. We bundle Mr. Kade up and load him in his jogging stroller and away we go. I am so lucky to get to live here by the river trail, have a healthy body, an active husband, and a handsome baby!