Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Calling

Our ward was split last week and Adam and I received new callings this week. I am now the Relief Society secretary. I am way excited. It will be loads of fun and I am hoping to meet some awesome women from it. Adam got called to be a Primary Worker. He wasn't jumping for joy over that, but he didn't complain either. He always has a pretty awesome attitude.
We will miss seeing some of our friends every Sunday that we lost in the split, but change is always good for us, right?

Water Skiing or is it Water Dragging?

We went boating with Adam's parents here a couple weeks ago. It was so fun. Adam got dragged a lot and drank a lot of water, but did manage to get up on the skis for his first time by the end. His brother, Jarod, got up for his first time in record time. He did awesome. Mick and Tori rode the tube and had a good time. Tori got wore out and fell asleep before we were done, so I got to hold her like a baby, which I did not mind at all. It happens way to little anymore.


This is my best friend, Robyn. She and I have remained friends for going on 17 years now. WOW! Am I really that old that I can say that? I just love her and am glad I have her. She knows more about me than anyone cause she has been there with me through it all, whether it was laughing together, getting into trouble together, or crying together. Let's hear it for BBF!