Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eight Years and Counting...........

Today is eight years from when Adam proposed to me. We celebrate this anniversary more than our wedding anniversary because it's right smack in the middle of my birthday, Tori's birthday, and Christmas.

Adam suprised me with a wonderful gift this morning. Some of it was purchased and some came from his own work and thought. It was one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received. I am so glad I have my best friend with me through this crazy life.

It has been the most wonderful eight years and I love you, babe!!

Too Beautiful To Eat

Thanks to Keri for getting me inspired, Maryanne for lending me equipment, and my dear mom for teaching me, I have started canning this year. It's something I never thought I would enjoy this much. I did tomatos with my mom this weekend, and then Adam and I were brave and tried peaches on our own last night. They all sealed and we opened some this morning to try and they are yummy!!! But, they are so beautiful and I am so proud of them, that I hate to eat them!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We Are The Champions

We spent last weekend in Logan, Utah to run in the Top Of Utah Marathon. It was a painful, long, tiring, but so awesome, 26.2 miles! Adam, Adam's brother, Jarod, and I ran it in 4 hours 45 minutes.
Adam has run 3 marathons now, and Jarod, 2, but it was my first and it was so not what I expected. It wasn't bad at all until mile 18, where I ran out of steam and got nauseaous. Those last 8 miles was horrendous, but it feels so good to say I powered through it and finished. I also didn't expect to have such sore muscles for the next 3 days, either. I am really wishing we didn't have stairs in our house right now. haha!
Despite all that, I can't wait to try that again!!Here are the three runners before the marathon at 4:30 that morning.

It was so much fun to get to run with Adam. He is awesome. Thanks for going slow with me, Sweetie.

Here we are closing in on the finish line. Oh Happy Moment!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


The marathon is less than 48 hours away and I was up all night with a sick little girl, at which time I am pretty sure I had puke sprayed in my face (TMI?). If I get sick on marathon day, I think will yank my hair out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's been on my mind lately

Mick has been having the hardest time with the switch from Kindergarten to 1st grade. Is this normal? What can I do to help him? Why does he have insomnia? Is it related to his anxiety about school? Will a little more time be all he needs? This is the first real problem that he has had in his usually happy life. I cannot just kiss him and put a band-aid on it and make it go away. So if anyone out there has a suggestion that might help us, by all means, let me hear it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lessons in Temperature Reading

Mick: I'm sooo hot!

Adam: It's a hot day out there today!

Mick: How hot, Dad?

Adam: Pretty hot.

Mick: Is it almost freakin' hot?

Adam: Yes, Mick, it's almost freakin' hot.

The Difference in Men and Women

Tonight walking around the neighborhood, Adam and I had this little conversation-
Me: It feels like I haven't gotten to do anything fun for a long time.
Adam: I know. Before things came up today, I was really was planning on taking you to D.I. tonight.
Me: My point exactly!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I was tagged and then very gently reminded to really do it.

So here goes.............and the rules are you have to take ten pictures of the following without straightening and cleaning first.
I tag Evelyn, Keri, and Laurie to do it next.............Don't disappoint me !!!

1. The refridgerator

2. The Closet

3. Self Portrait.......Sorry, I have not a one without a child attached to me.

4. Favorite Room

5. Kitchen Sink

6. The Toilet

7. What my kids are doing right now (Victoria was gone to a friend's house)

8. Laundry Room
9. Dream Vacation (a cruise to just about anywhere)

10. Favorite Shoes (They got me 18 miles last Saturday with no blisters, YES!)