Monday, January 31, 2011

Flat Tire

I am sitting at my desk watching my husband put my wheel back on my car. It had a slow leak and he took it off to take it to Big O and pick up later so that I wouldn't have to sit and wait with 2 little kids at the Big O store for a long time. I am just reminding myself how lucky I am to have a husband that is so handy at doing things and fixing things. I cannot fathom what in the world I would do without him. He takes such good care of me. The best thing about all this..... He is always thinking of ways to make me happy or things he can do to make life easier for me. Not cause I harp at him (which sad to say, I do sometimes) but just cause he loves me that much. :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Last week was Parent/Teacher conferences. Maybe I am a dork, but I love to go to these even if it might be bad news. I love to hear about how they are doing and what they are doing and get more of a feel of what their day is like without me there.
Tori is in Mrs. Barnett's kindergarten class this year. Mrs. Barnett said word for word this, "Tori is great. She is THE top reader in class. I am trying to think of something she can work on doing better, but I can't think of anything. She is also so nice and kind to the other kids." I felt so proud that I teared up. The best part of that was hearing she is nice to others. I stress that a lot to them at home so I am glad she listens. She told me the other day that there was a boy in her class that was crying at recess because he didn't have any friends so she went and asked him if he wanted to slide down on her coat on the slides with her. Well, I wasn't thrilled that she is using her brand new coat that way, but oh how my heart swelled with pride at that moment.
Mick's report card sported all 97%-100% in his varying subjects. He even got all Hs for Honor in his behavior part. He has had a great year in 3rd grade with lots of friends and good grades and Mrs. Lacrua has worked magic on him as far as getting him to pay attention. I will always love her a little for this. She also said Mick was far superior in his reading and comprehension of what he reads than most of the other students in his class. Is that any wonder? I mean he reads an hour a day at least at home on subjects varying from dolphins to Ancient Pyramids to Junie B. Jones. Lately, he has been reading mondo huge books about WWII. He is a walking encyclopedia.
I know this post sounds braggy and I am glad. I am proud of my kids. By golly, it's a lot of hard work to get them to this point and I will brag all I can. Love you Mick and Victoria, thanks for being mine!

Jazz vs Cavaliers

My dear mom got Adam and Mick really nice tickets to a Jazz game for Christmas. Last friday the much anticipated day finally arrived. Mick was so smiley we thought his face might crack. I honestly don't know if I have ever see him so excited over something. And they WON, so bonus!

Just a little something....

For a while I have been wanting to hang these lanterns in my hallway since it is so long and unimaginative. We finally got around to it and I am loving them. I think it just adds a little something to brighten my day as I go down the hall now.

Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve day was spent with the Hall clan. We met at our house for lots of food and chatting and some BINGO.
Here is most of the group.

Little Natalie sitting at the kid's table. She is so loved my the little neices and nephews. They all want to sit by her.
BiNgO! Mick finally won.

I think Tori was getting some late birthday spankings here. She sure needs them! :)

A couple shots before the kids got to the tree Christmas morning....

And some shots of them opening and enjoying their loot.

Since Mick's first Christmas (he is the oldest grandchild) every grandkid get shirts like these on their first Christmas. Kade made it number 6 this year.
Adam's parents and his sister, Erin (who was on leave from the Marines) got to spend Christmas Eve night with us and be there with us in the morning. It was nice to have extended family to share the holiday with.
I didn't get Kade a lot of presents and Santa got him few because I thought he would rather play with the boxes and paper instead. What? No way, he headed for his little pile of toys that Santa left as soon as we put him down. He played and played with his new toys and never even looked at the wrapping paper mess. Smart kid that I have :)
Well, Mick got his band-aids that he asked Santa for, Victoria got her big dolly she asked for, I got jewelry that I loved (and have already lost part of), and Adam got a remote control helicopter that is still buzzing daily around our house like a huge misquitio in our house. I think it was a successful Christmas all in all.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The War

Yesterday Adam and I taught a huge group of like 54 boys in our primary class. Well, it was 9 but it felt like 54 :) We talked a little about the War in Heaven before we came to this Earth. The kids are always fascinated with this story and they ate it up and paid really close attention. I thought about this lesson all day yesterday off and on.
These are my thoughts:
We all know how hard it is to resist temptations. Satan tries to tempt us to do wrong any chance he can. He does not want us to be happy and follow Jesus Christ. It is really hard to say no to him sometimes and Choose the Right. Satan has this much influence over us and he doesn't have a body, we can't see him, we can't hear him, he isn't our next door neighbor, or an old friend and yet he can have this much power over us to tempt us.
What must it have been like during the War in Heaven when we could see him and hear his discussions and persuasions that it would be better for us to not have free agency and choose him to be our Savior? He was our brother, probably someone in high authority and someone we looked up to.
On the other hand, we had our other brother, Jesus, asking God and us to choose his way. So we could come to this Earth, not only to just get a physical body, but also to be tested and grow and learn from having our own trials and free agencies.
I don't know exactly what happened and this is just my own thoughts, but I am betting Lucifer was very hard to say no to at that time when we had to make a decision. It MUST have been because 1/3 of our brothers and sisters chose to follow Lucifer. That is a huge huge amount of spirits that followed him.
That part of the story is sad, but I walked away from this lesson inspired. Cause you know what? Obviously, all of us here on this earth chose the right way and followed Jesus Christ and God's plan or we wouldn't be here. I chose to do the right thing when temptation was at it's highest. When I could see and hear Lucifer and watch a lot of my peers go with him. I was strong and I stayed with my Heavenly Father.
If I could withstand that kind of temptation in the middle of a War, I know I can withstand anything Satan tries to throw at me now. I am not saying I won't make mistakes. I know I have sinned and will still sin, but I know that I don't have to accept that. I can repent and go on and do what is right again. It will just remind me that next time I am tempted to do something wrong that I am stronger than that or I wouldn't be here and hopefully help me make a better decision.
Look what I got out of teaching Primary? This also proves that from teaching Primary I can learn just as much from these lessons as the children.

Victoria's Real Birthday

Just a few moments caught on December 22nd, 2010 of my six year old. Wow, how time flies. A few nights ago, she came and showed us that she has a loose tooth. I have had a hard time accepting that. Only "big kids" have loose teeth. My baby girl can't be that old, can she?

We Do It In The Dark....

About a week before Christmas, it snowed A LOT! We took the kids to the golf course that night to sled for the first time this season. It was pretty awesome as the lights and music from the Festival of Lights at the park set the scene at the bottom of the slope. We will be back to do it again in the dark next year. :)