Monday, September 20, 2010

TOU 2010

Here are a couple pictures before the FUN RUN began.Here I am coming up to mile 24 (in the pink hat,) where my family cheered me on. Here I am so close to the finish. That big smile was for my kids and because I knew it was almost over. Post Race Picture
Lily is a superstar and did 3:09! I am so proud of her.

The Top Of Utah Marathon time has arrived yet again. This year Adam had a stress fracture and couldn't participate and I was not pregnant and could so he was the spectator and I was the participant. It was a wierd change of events, but hopefully, both of us are out there kicking trash next year.
My friend, Lily, could not find a room to rent in Logan. She bunked up with me, Adam, our 20 kids (it felt like) and my super supportive MIL. We had a great trip up with lots of visiting and excitement. We had a delish dinner and was in bed fairly early.
I slept pretty good from 10:30-3:30 when I woke up ready to RUN!
Lily and I went and ate breakfast at the motel where we met and talked to a guy who travels the country doing a different marathon every weekend. Kinda cool, but at the same time, kinda sad and lonely. He was not married and had no kids. Who is there to cheer him on or care? It made me ultra glad I have my friends and family.
On the bus ride up, Lily and I kept thinking this is a long bus ride and we have to run all this way back. That's a wake up call right there now!
We got there and hit the port-a-pots quick like. We made our way down the hill to the tents where we went inside to a super crowded, dark and hot space. I briefly wondered if a concentration camp was anything like this. I could almost feel the disease and germs spreading like wildfire. I grabbed onto Lily's arm so we wouldn't get seperated and tried to find Allie. Lily called out," Allie, where are you?" The girl in front of us turned around and it was Allie. Great, that was easy enough.
We warmed up too much, decided to hit the toilets again before the race started. The line was huge long now, so Lily and I went over the hill. I did my biz, but Lily had stagefright about some young men, so I had to hold my emergency blanket out for her.
We went back down, had our pre race shot blocks and gatorade, and lined up. Lily got to the front of the pack and I stayed back a little so I wouldn't get mowed down by the ultra super fast people.
In line, I was thinking what in the hell have I got myself into? but before I knew it the cannons fired and it was too late to do anything but run.
I quickly latched on to a girl who looked my age wearing a 2010 BOSTON MARATHON QUALIFIER shirt. She seemed to be keeping the pace I wanted to qualify for Boston which was about 7:40 minute miles. I followed her to mile 3 where I had to do a quick pee. I came out and caught up to her again by mile 4. I followed her to mile 10, where I lost her briefly. I will come back to that.
Meanwhile, I was just starting to warm up and feel my lips and nose and fingers. I was feeling so good and the view was spectacular. I continued on this way to mile 10.
At mile 10, I felt a snap of pain across the top of my left foot. Shooting screaming pains continued through to mile 11. I could not believe my luck. At mile 10? I was barely into this race and already something like this happened? I briefly wondered whether I would be one of those poor saps who have to ride back down the canyon on a shuttle. I sucked it up along with some ibuprofen and continued on. The pain became a little less intense by mile 13, where I could see my time was still on par for a Boston qualifying time of 3:40 but I needed to keep it going with no mistakes to do it.
After this, my pace slowed to around 8:30 minute miles. The pain in my foot was so intense, that I could only run about a half mile and then had to walk a few feet, run another half mile, walk again. etc.
I gave myself a good pep talk and picked up the pace again around mile 16. I caught back up to 2010 BOSTON QUALIFIER LADY and stayed there until about mile 20.
I had been so good to stay fueled and hydrated so I never hit that "wall" of tiredness. I didn't feel tired, out of breath, or sick. Just hurt. I continued on the rest of the race this way. Run until the pain was bringing tears to my eyes, then walk a bit, run again. My time slowed to the point that I knew I was not going to make Boston, but I could still do a sub 4 hour if I kept going.
Around mile 21, a cute girl name Tiffany asked if she could run with me. I replied, "Oh would you please?"
She had hit a mental wall and just needed someone to talk her through, I just needed someone to take my mind off my throbbbing foot. We hobbled on through the next five miles.
We turned the corner to the finish and poor Tiffany broke down into tears. I broke into a smile to see my family there and that I had made it under 4 hours with a time of 3:55. I wanted that 3:40 but considering that I had to run 16 miles with a super hurt foot, I thought it wasn't bad.
We did the obligatory after race pictures and visiting and got in the suburban to head home. I took my shoe off. My foot was swollen and black and blue. I couldn't get my shoe back on again.
Sunday, I could barely put weight on it to walk around the house.
Monday, I am not even sore anywhere else, not my quads, calves, bottoms of my feets, nothing. Just this foot. It may be broken. I now feel a huge need to run another marathon soon without the broken foot to see what my time could have been. I must have been pretty prepared for it considering that the rest of my body is not sore. NEXT time, Boston will be mine.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Come "shop" our garage

Our garage is full full. Last night we got home a plastic sandbox with a lid, home decor, an airmore, a dresser, a side table, washer and dryer, etc.
Tonight Adam will be bringing home some more furniture and bins and bins full of home decor and toys. So just come by and browse anytime today and tomorrow. I'll be here.........I am without a car for the weekend so I got nothing better to do.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Last Saturday, Adam's mom treated her daughters and daughters-in-law to The Lion King at the Capitol Theatre with dinner after at The Melting Pot. The play had the most amazing props and costumes. I loved the music, of course. I wish this was my, but no it's my beautiful sister-in-law, Natalie.Jamie, Natalie, Erin (our new marine), me, Beverly, and Megan at the Capitol Theatre.
Dinner at the Melting Pot was fun. If you haven't been, you must try the cheese fondue appetizers and the chocolate fondue desserts. AAAAMMMAAAAzing! It was so fun. The poor boys had to watch 4 kids and pull a huge tree stump out of Jamie's yard while we were out on the town. Thanks Beverly for the night out and thanks men for letting us go.

Check out

There is a lot of new things on the blog. The new posts all came from the same house, which was very very clean and nice. I am having a hard hard time parting with it, but my garage is so full. Hopefully you will find some things to brighten your day. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WardTri 2010


We participated in the mini triathalon the wards in our 'hood puts on every year. It is so much fun and for all of you in our neighborhood that read this, you better come next year. It's a fundraiser for the Y.M. and it is so fun! My brother in the middle is a real triathlete and he did awesome and was a good sport to come do our little tri with us. My brother and his wife on the end came and did it with us on pretty much no notice and Adam did the biking and swimming, but couldn't run because he has a stress fracture, so I ran his 2 miles for him.
Rhett (nice legs,) Natalie, Jarod, Julie, and Adam. Welcome to the gun show, people. Adam rode his mom's 1978 cruiser type bicycle. He was doing it just kind of as a gag, but ended up loving it because it was so light. He got teased a lot though.
This is Jarod coming in from the biking.

Me at the end of the run. I always look so mean when I run. I really am not, just focusing I guess.

This is Rhett swimming.

Adam going in with lots of ambition. He knew he would need it about 100 meters into the swim. Haha. What he lacks in swimming technique, he makes up for in biking and running.

Friday, September 3, 2010

My Favorite Quote Today

If your run this morning didn't hurt, it was just a jog.

Our New Ride

After 6 long months of 3 kids in our little car, we finally have some space to seperate Mick and Tori. I am so excited. I can't wait to drive it on a trip soon.

The first night we had it, we went out to dinner and Mick and Tori decided they needed to sit together in the very back. Whatever (eyeroll)!

Kade is half a year old today!!

I can't believe how fast it went by. I admit, the first couple months were a little rough and slow going, but since then, it's just flown. He brings so much happiness to us and I am so thankful Heavenly Father picked him to be with us.
At six months, Kade likes to drool, sit up by himself for a few minutes, drool, take short sporadic naps, drool, sleep through the night, drool, and he loves to be outside.
Kade does not like solid food of any kind, well, that is about it.
He is pretty easy to please.
Happy 1/2 birthday baby boy!! We love you!

Victoria's First Day of Kindergarten

I love that girl. She has so much love and excitement for life. And INDEPENDENCE! By day 3 she asked if I could just let her out at the curb because she didn't need any help finding her own way to class. Sad. But I know she will have so much fun this year and I am excited for her.

Adam's not quite invincible

Train before running a race.

It is now 2 weeks since the Hobble Creek half marathon and I still can't walk very well. From all indications it appears I have a stress fracture in my Tibia. Thats the large bone in your lower leg. The other is the fibia, you can remember that because "little" white lies are fibs like fibia.

Anyhow, it hurts like crazy at the weirdest times. I can walk around on it all day wearing my work boots without too much pain. But after 4 or 5 hours of laying in bed at night it hurts like crazy. It will bring me out of sleep and have me hobbling to the kitchen to get some drugs. I have become a huge fan of ibuprofen and aleve.

Apparently, I am not quite as invincible as I thought. This is a serious problem for me because I won't be able to do the Top of Utah marathon in a couple of weeks. I am not happy about this at all. I have been thinking about borrowing a wheelchair and seeing if they will let me enter it that way. I could ride the chair down the hill then get out and lean on it as I walked the rest of it.

Moral of this story: listen to your wife and brother who say you should train before running a race.