Monday, June 6, 2011

What we are up to at the Hall house

What we are up to these days:

SCHOOL IS OUT! The kids have been busy playing in our muddy backyard, taking walks (even Kade is walking now), playing with friends, bugging Rhett and Natalie incessantly and building a fort in the "woods."
I GOT A JOB! The big kids started going to daycare 2 days a week while the babe goes to my sister's so that I can start working more for Adam. He needed to hire a secretary and since it would be cheaper to pay a little babysitting rather than an employee, I got the job! The pay is really really lousy though, like non-existent. Haha. But I am excited to keep up on my accounting skills and keep my brain fresh in case I ever need it one day. Lol. The daycare that the kids are going to does all day field trips on Tuesdays and Thursdays such as hiking to the Y, bowling, swimming, Jump On It, etc. so Mick and Vic get to have some fun adventures while they are away and Kade is loved and well taken care of and only a block away if he needs me. And I find my boss extremely attractive ;)
ADAM IS SUPER BUSY WITH WORK. He works an average of 14 hrs a day 5 days a week and a few on Saturday. It's a struggle sometimes but it beats the pants off having no work, that is for sure!
I hope to have more exciting news to report of super awesome things we did by the end of the month. Wish us luck!

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Kira And James Morris said...

Wow, new adventures for the Hall Family. :) If you ever need a sitter I am here too. Adam is a great guy and I cant believe he works that much, He must have a lot of drive.. Then again he did do a ultra! You all amaze me with your strength! Cant wait to see you again so we can chat!