Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Super Awesome Weekend

Last Friday Adam being the great dad he is took all 3 kids down to St. George to help Rhett and Natalie move back here to our neighborhood in their new house. ( Super Awesome thing #1.)

While they were there, they made a trip to an awesome park that St. G has, it's a lot like our new playground here in Spanish Fork, but bigger. Adam does such a good job on photos even with our normal cheap $100 camera. I love these:

Adam said that this group of girls were in love with Kade and swarmed him the whole time. I have to say that they have excellent taste. Love those eyes :) This may be where he picked up the nasty stomach bug that he got on Monday though. I don't think putting your mouth on playground equipment is the best idea for health and wealth.While the cat was away, us girls sure know how to play! Robyn, who has been my friend for 20 years (yes, I am that old ) came out to spend the night and run a 5k in Provo with me. We hooked up with our other friends, Lily, and Jessica for dinner and shopping the night before the race.
Here is Robyn in her new running shorts from Sports Authority. No worries, she took the jeans off to run in them the next day. Haha. We had a pretty entertaining time in that store. Ask the guy with excellent hearing who loves Kneader's tarts and the poor lady who didn't lock her changing room door well enough. :)

Just getting ready to leave the next morning.

Here we are left to right: Jessica, Lily, me, and Rob.
So this was my first 5k and I had no idea what to expect. I knew you just ran fast, not holding back like you do in long races so I did. Ran a really fast first mile and burned myself out a little too fast, the next mile was up a steep hill and it was terrible, then felt better that last mile and picked it up again some. I was still disappointed with my time but I had been injured and off running for the last 6 weeks and hadn't trained for any hills so I was okay with it. Robyn and Jessica came in a minute behind me and they were a little disappointed with how hard it was also. We had breakfast, watched the winner of the half marathon come in, and left.
Later, Lily dropped by and tried to hand me her medal (She won 1st place!). I couldn't figure out why she was giving it to me but she explained that it was mine and that I had won 2nd right after her in our age group. Haha, I never expected that. I felt better about my race after that. LOL. Jessica won 3rd, and Robyn, by half a second, 4th place. So all four of us girls won 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Are we totally in sync or what?

Here is a cheesy pic of me with my medal on. Pretty awesome feeling.........Then I got to top off the wondeful weekend with a perfect Mother's Day on Sunday. The kids made me the cutest books and Adam let me be lazy all day.

It really was the best weekend EVER!


The Foulgers said...

You are one bunch of fun and crazy girls. It was so much fun to hang out with you all this past weekend. I still can't believe we medaled!
BTW would you mind emailing me the group shot? My email is princessfoulger@yahoo.com.

Lily said...

hehe to fun

Kira And James Morris said...

So proud of you guys!!!!